• ACL includes Accounting, Regulatory Requirements, and Analytics
    Regulatory Requirement
    Multi-device capable using our SaaS solution
  • Software as a Service to address accounting, reporting requirements, and the estimation processes
    Software as a Service on your desktop

    Let ARCSys™ and our suite of solutions address your organizations complex accounting needs and reporting requirements. Our SaaS offerings provide repeatable, accurate and automated accounting and estimation processes.

  • Designed to meet the ALLL requirements, TDR, and impaired loan reporting
    Metrics by state all on your laptop

    The ACL Calculator is our proprietary software designed to offer you peace of mind regarding specific regulatory requirements for Allowance estimation including the nine factors listed in regulatory guidance as well as TDR and impaired loan reporting.

  • Dashboard displays meaningful portfolio metrics
    Analytics and reporting on your tablet

    ACL incorporates on demand analytics and reporting through our SaaS based interface. Creative dashboards and graphics that will provide meaningful metrics and data to help you manage and report your ACL portfolio.

Grow your business with the leader in Accounting Technology. Check out our options and features included.

What is the ACL Calculator?

Our Key Features

Easy To Use

ARCSys™ allows you to build your methodology into the system. The system uses your methodology to migrate your risks.

Simple Setup

Four Simple steps to get started. Upload your loan and charge-off files, make any corrections, and confirm.


More than 30 standard and analytical reports.

Risk Migration

Using your Credit Quality indicators, migrate your risk over any period and any segment or class within your loan portfolio.

Static Pool Analysis

Using your segments and classes, prepare a Static Pool Analysis over any Loan Origination Period.


Meet all your SFAS 5 and SFAS 114 regulatory and GAAP accounting requirements.

Save time while staying compliant
Regulatory and GAPP Standards

We understand the amount of paperwork that is involved in meeting GAAP Accounting Standards. The ACL Calculator™ will save you hours of accounting time, providing everything you need to stay compliant.

Software as a Service
SOftware As A Service

ACL is multi-device capable, web based system. No hardware or software to setup or maintain with 99% Up-time and quarterly backups.

Safe and secure data with strong IT controls

We maintain strong IT controls over all your data. In addition, the information uploaded contains no information that could be directly tied back to a specific borrower or institution.

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