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The ARCSys™ vision is to provide innovative applications for specialized accounting. Making complicated and highly detailed processes straight forward and simple.

Who We Are

ARCSys™ was born from a vision of Michael Umscheid's while speaking at a seminar in 2009 for financial institution executives. Discussing the exposure document released by FASB concerning Disclosures about Credit Quality and the Allowance for Credit Losses, Mike listened to attendee questions and realized that many financial institutions would struggle with the new GAAP Standard. Mike believes luck is where preparation meets opportunity and after several discussions, founded ARCSys™ along with IT expert, Dean Rodil. With a combined 45 years of experience between them, Mike and Dean bring a wealth of accounting preparation and IT management knowledge. The core team also includes software and applications developer Steven Ballagh, former accountant and auditor Dale Fago and UI/UX and web technologies expert Charles Cooper. So where does the name ARCSys™ come from? Accounting, Reporting and Calculation Systems - pulled right from what the system does. We like numbers. We know IT. We provide Innovative Solutions in a Regulated World.

Our History

  • Future releases will include forecasting and strees testing
  • Added a Data warehouse for specialized reporting
  • Added credit reporting and risk reporting
  • Founded by Mike Umscheid