ACL Calculator

The ACL Calculator is a proprietary software designed to offer you peace of mind regarding the SFAS 5 and 114 requirements and the new update standard ASU 2010-20 disclosure changes. It is a comprehensive all-encompassing software drastically minimizing the workload required to adhere to these new regulations. The new Standard requires companies to report three levels of disaggregation within financial statement disclosures. These levels are portfolio segment, class of loan and measurement attribute. Our simple approach allows institutions to address every aspect of the provision for loan and lease losses; portfolio segments, classes, calculation reports, disclosures, loan modifications (troubled debt restructurings) and external criteria variables. Using ACL Calculator™ results in definitive disclosures of the policies, processes and risk assessments used for the estimation including underlying calculation methodology.


Allowance Calculation

Calcucate allowances on individual loans under SFAS 114

Your allowance calculations will be computed based on the homogeneous pools of loans based on your methodology. The system uses credit risk factors in your data already existing within your loan files. As you select criteria based on economic, geographic, historical, political and industry factors, the application builds criteria tables to calculate your allowance. Once the criteria tables are set up and applied to your segments, the results are processed. We provide you with detailed calculation reports for each of your portfolio segments. We even have the ability to apply your historical loss rates to your segments and sub-segments or classes. In addition, the ACL Calculator™ also has the ability to calculate your allowance for individually evaluated loans under SFAS 114. We walk you through the steps so you can evaluate these loans using present value or fair value. This works great with your troubled debt restructuring loans as well.

Quantitative and Qualitative Factors

Build assurance and consistency with criterion tables

Our Custom Criteria tables help build assurance and consistency into your estimation. Constructed from validated market data, the collected criteria; compiled and based on economical, geographical, political, historical and industry factors, analyze and calculate the allowance based on the credit risk of a group of loans. Specific examples of these criteria tables include unemployment rates, foreclosure rates & occupancy rates. Ranges are created for each criteria and a related multiplier that will ultimately be applied to your portfolio segment. The criteria tables are the illusive variables that have been missing in the allowance calculations, yet, required to maintain compliance. We recognize our clients have different needs. We have designed our SaaS Web-based platform to allow clients to configure tables to best suit their needs. You can even create customized tables based on your company’s variables. View a sample of our criteria database ››

Reporting and Disclosure

Customized reports supporting FASB disclosure requirements

We provide you with numerous reports and a tailored reporting function that help to create your own reports. In addition, our customized disclosure reports support FASB disclosure requirements.

View Disclosures about Credit Quality and the Allowance for Credit Losses

Regulatory Requirements and GAAP Accounting Standards

Meet GAAP Accounting Standards and Regulatory reporting

We understand the amount of paperwork that is involved in meeting GAAP Accounting Standards and Regulatory reporting. The ACL Calculator will save you hours of accounting time, providing everything you need to stay compliant. You will be impressed with how little is required on your end – we do most of the work for you.

View GAAP Compliance Comparison

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