CECL Sleepless Nights

Why You Don't Pick Your Model First

As ARCSys experts speak to institutions across the country about CECL standards, one key question is always asked: “What model should I use?”

This whitepaper, CECL Sleepless Nights: Why You Don’t Pick Your Model First, will explain that while this is a good question, it is not the first question to ask. We will share how the model you pick is extremely dependent upon the level and quality of your institution’s data. A list of models along with their data requirements is also covered in detail.

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Allowance Methodologies, Credit Quality Disclosures

As the leading expert on CECL standards, ARCSys travels across the country educating financial professionals on the standard’s complicated methodologies, processes and policies. With the compliancy deadline fast approaching, we find that many are losing sleep on where to start with implementation.

To help address these concerns, we’ve created a new series of whitepapers called CECL Sleepless Nights.

Our series begins with Allowance Methodologies, Credit Quality Disclosures which addresses items you need to consider in developing your allowance calculation. We will explain the significant changes to the disclosure requirements and how they are associated with methods and models applied to your segment and class structures.

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