The Accounting Standards Update 2010-10-How This Will Affect Your Institution?

The new Standard requires companies to use enhanced disclosures in new reporting formats by segmenting the loan portfolio.

ACL Calculator Criteria Tables – Intelligent ALLL Calculation for Financial institutions

Leveraging proprietary Criteria Tables, ACL Calculator delivers real power in applying loss factors to particular segments, classes, or portions of segments or classes. This document provides examples and details how ACL Calculator arms users with a robust tool to effectively and efficiently answer new regulatory requirements with intelligent, automated ALLL calculation.

Disclosure Form

Accounting Standard Update 2010-20 defines two levels of disaggregation.

FDIC Compliance Comparison

What we do for you for FDIC Compliance.

GAAP Compliance Comparison

What we do for you for GAAP Compliance.

Sample Bank Disclosure Notes

This document provides banks with a detailed look at what their ACL disclosures will look like under the ASU 2010-20 standard.