Who We Are

Software for accountants by accountants

Have accounting questions? We’ve got you covered. Our team includes accountants, auditors, statisticians, and banking professionals with over 200 years of financial institution experience. We believe in the power of delivering a concierge style implementation service that leads to amazing customer support experiences. Become a part of the ARCSys family today, and our team will be with your staff at every step, providing guidance, execution, and training.

Our Story

ARCSys was founded in 2010 by Mike Umscheid and Dean Rodil. Having spent the majority of their careers in public accounting, auditing, and technology, they had a passion for helping institutions. Mike and Dean took their passion and expertise in the regulatory compliance world – and focused it on helping institutions and companies address their accounting practices by developing SaaS based products. The ACL Calculator was released in 2010 and was quickly adopted by financial institutions across the country.

We believe that the forecasting and modeling developed in the allowance model will drive stress testing, capital management, predictive analytics, ALM, and budgeting moving forward. With mounting pressures of the CECL standard, credit unions need a trusted partner to help comply with these regulations. So where does the name ARCSys™ come from? Accounting, Reporting and Calculation Systems – pulled right from what the system does. We like numbers. We know IT. We provide innovative solutions in a regulated world.

Built by the best

The ARCSys management team is comprised of industry experts in accounting, auditing, technology, and security.

Our Mission

ARCSys strives to build software solutions that help financial institutions make intelligent and strategic business decisions.

Our Purpose

The ARCSys vision is to deliver to its clients a suite of innovative accounting, reporting, and analytic software, which supports specialized accounting processes; making new complex standards simple and straightforward.

Our Promise

We understand your business model and realize that unless we represent a cost-effective solution, we are no solution. Our pricing is tied to what our clients need and want and not a bundle of products we think a client should own. We strive to be the right solution and the right company for your allowance reporting.