ACL Calculator is a hosted solution that allows a client to perform a detailed forecasted allowance calculation effortlessly.

We know that the time, effort, and cost for implementing this standard will be an ongoing process that requires more complex and controlled systems. Our ACL Calculator’s two platforms address current accounting standard requirements and the impending CECL standard.

Leverage the Incurred Loss Model to transition to CECL and process concurrently to seamlessly evolve your allowance modeling and methodology.

CECL Application

ARCSys provides best in class CECL modeling and forecasting

Concierge Implementation Service

Our Implementation Team Accountants will work with you to load your data, find gaps and errors, verify, reconcile, and validate your data in the system.

Life Cycle Model Based

Our models are based on contractual term life cycles in order to get an accurate view of your institutions history and full economic cycle effects.

Advanced Analytics

Because CECL requires forecasting, our advanced analytics not only help you understand your history but also provide predictive analysis to make meaningful business decisions.

Financial Reporting

Customizable and full financial statement reporting for loans and investments

Guided Annual Statistical Model Realignment

Our Statistical Team will annually review and realign your modeling and provide an updated segment class analysis, as well as forecast analysis and guidance.

Reasonable and Supportable Evidence

The system provides auditors with everything they need to conduct an in-depth review of your allowance calculations including support for models and forecasts.

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Incurred Loss Model Application

ARCSys software not only reduces the time and resources needed to generate best of breed responses to regulatory, accounting and compliance requirements but in doing so; the ARCSys solutions expand and enhance client core competencies thus allowing clients to reallocate existing resources to reduce expenses / increase income.

ARCSys provides additional value by combining accounting support, risk management, and modeling into intuitive applications with data warehousing functionality.

Easy To Use

The Incurred Loss Model allows you to build your methodology into the system. The system then uses your methodology to migrate your risks.

Step-By-Step Setup

Work with our Implementation Team Accountants to have your loan and charge-off files corrected, confirmed, and uploaded into the system.


Pull over 30 customized analytical reports using your institutions data.

Risk Migration

Using your credit quality indicators, migrate your risk over any period, segment, and class within your loan portfolio.

Static Pool Analysis

Using your segments and classes, prepare a static pool analysis over any loan origination period.


Meet all of your SFAS 5 and SFAS 114 regulatory and GAAP accounting requirements.

Why ARCSys?

Put the CECL Dream Team behind you

  • Creators and authors of the National AICPA CECL Accounting course
  • Industry acknowledged CECL experts
  • NAFCU’s preferred CECL provider
  • All reports and models customized using YOUR data
  • Clients get step-by-step help during implementation by having their data loaded for them

Calculating the allowance under CECL is complicated

Our support doesn’t end after implementation.

We’re on your team

Our CECL experts work as an extension of your team, making certain our solution is customized to meet the needs of your financial institution. Together we can work to reduce the stress of your experience for you and your CECL team.

We won’t leave your side

After understanding what your institution needs, we will walk you step-by-step through our implementation process, tackling each task together. Once implemented into our system, we partner with you through your CECL allowance calculation and continue to optimize your adjustment.

Concierge Implementation Service

We load, verify, and reconcile your data for you


Our team finds gaps and errors in your data


We recommend segment and class structures using our advanced analytics


Providing you with qualitative factors for your forecasting


We run loan level loss calculations with your forecasts


Our Implementation Team Accountants are here to answer your accounting questions


We provide reasonable and supportable evidence for your audit process

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