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Let Caroline Hild and Deborah Rozum of the ARCSys Statistical Team provide an insight into how market analytics and statistical interpretations are used to support or persuade. They will be taking news items and contributing an evidence-based perspective regarding the claim.

Today, they look at how economic indicators like the current job market and when the Fed will reduce their economic support.


About The Authors

Caroline Hild

Statistical Analytics Lead

Caroline is a member of the Statistical Analytics Department where she works on client portfolio analysis and predictive machine learning model development. Following her BSc in Economics and Business Finance, she obtained her MSc in Financial Markets and Investments from the SKEMA Business School in Raleigh, NC. Prior to her arrival at ARCSys, Caroline worked at Societe Generale as an Internal Auditor in France. She brings experience in audit, statistics, programming, economics, financial markets, and credit risk. Caroline has extensive international experience having lived in the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Switzerland, and the United States.

Deborah Rozum


Deborah develops and tests machine learning models. Prior to her work with ARCSys, Deborah attended Louisiana State University and received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics in 2018. She brings experience in implementing and interpreting statistical models to her role. She is a recent graduate from University of Florida with a Masters degree in Statistics.